A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.

Marty Neumeier 





Design Thinking

User-centric Design

put the user front and center,
solve their problem,add value
and find the right message. 

1. observe 
2. define
3. ideate
4. prototype
5. test

…and iterate

Brand Design & Website

The  Dark Bay

brand positioning, corporate identity & UX for berlin based virtual film production studio dark bay. 

Concept / UX / Design / Production

Product, Brand Design & Website

Manik Skincare

the best possible tattoo aftercare products – creating the product AND the brand. 

Concept / Design / Production

Corporate Identity

Unsinn Kirchner

CI for die law firm Unsinn Kirchner. Our work included the  development of the with icon and typography, business cards, letterhead and layout samples, design and implementation of the website using WordPress and Elementor and other applications such as stamps and stickers.

Concept / Design / Production 

Financial Expert TV


Brand design & motion graphics for Werthstein, a monthly video edition of financial experts on investment topics.

Concept / Design 

The Process to Creativity!

Tools & exercises

The Design Thinking Playbook

Design Thinking workshops use tools and exercises from all kinds of backgrounds like business, psychology, creativity exercises and many more. the arrangement and unique application with some basic principles of collaboration and decision making, makes this such a powerful instrument for problem solving and innovation. 

Workshops & Sprints

Ask a question, get the answer. 

A workshop or sprint is a set of exercises and processes put together and arranged to solve a specific problem, task or question. it can range from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Common workshops are 

Brand Positioning

Value Propoposition

Communication Strategy

Brand Storytelling

motion & design work. 

Skills, Experience & Life.

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