Concept & Design

From Strategy to Content

I develop engaging visual communication for agencies, production houses and corporate clients. 


Long story short

I was born 1970 in Munich where I went to school and university and started my professional career as a Motion Designer.

After living in San Francisco I moved to Hamburg where I got married and became a father of two beautiful kids.

We all moved to Porto in 2022.

Visual Storytelling
for Brands

using the most powerful tool of communication:


design is solving a problem. it is creating a solution, enabling communication, transport information, send and receive a message, tell a story. and this always has restrictions, certain boundaries and obstacles to overcome – technical, physical, psychological, economical restrictions. and usually there’s more than one goal: give information, create awareness, build brand, … i love the challenge to create a solution for these problems. 

Design has to solve the problem, so it’s all about the message

form follows function applies in all forms of visual communication, so at the core there always is the message. lead by a creative strategy and  storytelling, motion design is a very powerful tool to communicate with an audience. 

the great thing about motion design is, you can choose from all disciplines of visual communication.

combine imagery and typography, illustration and pictograms, cinematography and abstract 3D, shapes and colours, composition and space. and then we add the 4th dimension: time. that brings in the whole craft of filmmaking and storytelling – an entire art-form in itself. and this brings even another layer of communication: sound. voice, sound-effects, music. because sound stimulates feelings way more than visuals, it’s the perfect gateway to our emotions. and such an important part in the communication process.

to create and orchestrate all of these layers of communication, is the magic and the power of motion design and it makes video the most powerful media of communication.

What I’m really good at…

developing a creative concept and emotionally engaging storytelling that delivers the message.

developing a visual language and finding the right design style and graphic elements for the brand. 

applying the right animation style and movements to match the brands attitude. 

producing a clear and compelling visual communictions tool that speaks to the target audience and aligns with the brand

finding the right balance of (production) effort and (marketing) effect

delivering the whole campaign package of 5 versions in 3 languages and 4 different screen resolutions for your next social maedia campaign. 

communicating and give feedback to experts and team members. 

communicating and presenting to the client and get feedback for the team. 

What I’m not so good at…

applying eyecandy and visual fashionable trends to distract from the lack of content. 

mimicking reality like finding just the right glossiness and amount of fresnel reflection with that subtle highlight of a digital car paint.

computing power like rendering the 15 minute 16k hyper def product shots with all the light passes seperate for grading. 

getting lost in techy details that do not help to get the job done. 

just making the logo bigger, for no reason.

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after graduating from high school i already worked as a cameraman for tv and classic cel animation. after completing my communications design studies at the university i finally was able to combine my love for graphic design with the joy of creating moving images as a motion designer.

While working as a freelance designer, studio owner and creative director i was looking deeper into brandingmarketing and creative communication strategies and learned a lot about design thinking processes and innovation techniques to add even more value to my clients. 


CV & Experience

25+ years experience in the broadcast, advertising, marketing and corporate communications industry 

graphic design, typography, illustration, photography and videography, 2D & 3D and animation and motion graphics

knowledge of creative processes and innovation techniques and facilitating design thinking exercises and workshops/ design sprints

expert in project management and media production

extensive knowledge of design theory, information design and information architecture 

knowledge in economics, marketing and promotion strategies

concept, UX & UI design and production of wordpress/ elementor based websites, incl. lottie animations

extensive knowledge of computer and media & online technology, print production and broadcast technology 

experience in team leadership 

instruction of students and apprentices in design theory and execution 

22 – present freelance designer
specialized in motion design & branding projects for agencies, film productions and marketing departments

04 – 22 designer & director at studio emmar – communications design studio & digital film production

founder/ owner and motion designer/ director

visual design, motion graphics, strategy & concept, project management and production

for advertising & pr agencies, brand & design studios, and film productions, broadcast & tv stations, postproduction and web design companies

for various channels and applications (online, on air, social media & live events)

04 university lecturer for motion graphics and aftereffects 

berufsakademie ravensburg

01 – 04 independent motion designer and freelancer for advertising agencies, media production companies, design agencies and music labels

01 communications designer, mspect, sunnyvale/ bay area, ca (usa)

visual design, illustration, business papers & presentations

99 – 01 independent motion designer and freelancer for various advertising & design agencies, media production, film & postproduction companies

98 – 99 art director/ creative director, voodoo lounge medienproduktions gmbh

head of design department responsible for team management (including graphic designers, editors, 3d artists and composer) project management and trainee education

96 – 98 art director/ creative director, bavaria film – on air promotion

graphic design and motion graphics, 3D animation and postproduction

broadcast design and on air promotion projects for tv stations

95 – 96 tv-camera, gnadenlos produktions gbr

90 cell animation camera assistant, ms trickfilmproduktion

What else?

besides design, art is an essential part of my life. I have always used public space as a gallery with various forms of street art, i draw with ink and watercolours on paper, make paintings with acrylic on canvas or glaze on tiles. 

i started two t-shirt labels, i design and make herbal pillows for aromatherapy (, i build websites with wordpress and elementor and i make music with samplers and analogue synthesizers or i dj with vinyl. (

and for the past 8 years I’ve been tattooing passionately. ( this craft on the human skin is so individual and close to the human body, for me it contrasts and complements perfectly the world of virtual imagery of motion design.

in this context, i developed, designed and launched a natural cosmetics line for tattoo aftercare. the best thing money can buy for healing tattoos. ( building my own brand is an incredible experience and great learning for me, which also has a strong impact on my work as a designer.

Business Profile
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Behind the screens
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Tattoo Aftercare
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Motion Design Theory 

Behind The Screens 

This is a video series where I talk about communication with video and the ideas, concepts and strategies behind communicating with moving images.

Mik Rahner

Concept & Design

Rua de Diogo Brandao 43
5040-381 Porto, Portugal


Mik Rahner (Dipl. Designer FH) 

Rua Diogo Brandão 43, 4050-229 Porto, PT

UIN: PT 311 312 055 

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