Innovation & user experience

the creative process

i put the user front and center, solve their problem, add value and find the right message for their audience. 

Think like
a designer

The design thinking process follows 5 simple steps 

1. observe 

2. define

3. ideate

4. prototype

5. test

…and iterate

What’s this useful for? 


Design Thinking can be used in a lot of  cases and a ton of applications. 

Concept & Strategy

Branding & Positioning

UX & Digital Products

Development & Innovation

Tools & exercises

My design thinking collection

Design Thinking workshops use tools and exercises from all kinds of backgrounds like business, psychology, creativity exercises and many more. the arrangement and unique application with some basic principles of collaboration and decision making, makes this such a powerful instrument for problem solving and innovation. 

The Design Thinking Playbook

Workshops & Sprints

Ask a question, get the answer. 

A workshop or sprint is a set of exercises and processes put together and arranged to solve a specific problem, task or question. it can range from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Common workshops are 

Brand sprints

Value prop workshops

Business goals workshop

Storytelling sprint

Design Theory Video Series 

“Behind the Screens” is about communicating with video and the ideas, concepts and strategies of motion design.

Info & 

More about myself, my experience and how to get in touch.