The brand as an emotional experience

The power of
the moving image


Video, the most powerful form of media, preferred by users, favoured by algorithms. 

Motion design leads the viewer into a rich world of information and imagery and takes them on an emotional journey. Enjoy! 

Design Theory Video Series 

“Behind the Screens” is about communicating with video and the ideas, concepts and strategies of motion design.


Motion Design Work

Samples of various marketing and corporate communications videos for AIRBUS.

Concept / Design / Production


Shared Fleet

Explanatory film on the introduction of Shared Fleet Services by Audi.

Concept / Design / Production 

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes me Adapter

Explainer video campaign to promote the Mercedes collision detection system.

Design / Production


Redwood Love

Various social media video clips for digital marketing and social media platforms to promote the Rowohlt – Redwood Love book series.

Concept / Design / Production 

MGM Models

Logo Animation

Logo Animation and intro for Web & Social Media.

Design / Production 



Promo spot for the event series “Instabition” by Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with Instagram.

Concept / Design / Production 


Rachel Kushner “Flammenwerfer”

Cinema spot for the release of the bestseller by Rachel Kushner, Flamethrower.

Design / Production 


The Flying Carpet Project

Promotional Video and Concept Visualization of an Airbus Research Project.

Concept / Design / Production 



Part of an explanatory film series on technical terms from the financial world.

Design / Production 

Das Erste

ARD Aktuell

Intro animation with Typoanimation, globe & icon for the entire news segment of ARD incl. Tagesschau, Tagesthemen and Nachtmagazin

Design / Production 


Title Design & Logo Ending

Design elements for Viva Con Agua’s video projects. Opening titles to use as thumbnail preview on social media networks and other platforms and a closing logo animation for the brand signature.

Concept / Design / Production 



Sophisticated type animation to support and raise money for the world famous concert house Elbphilharmonie in hamburg.

Concept / Design / Production 

Motion Design Theory 

Behind The Screens 

This is a video series where I talk about communication with video and the ideas, concepts and strategies behind communicating with moving images.


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